Getting into cutting-edge drawing tech

Whether you’re an artist, freelancer, support specialist or a person with a keen to use new technology, you likely heard already about hardware solutions to assist and sometimes improve possibilities for drawing, like tablets, or similar.

Many years those were quite expensive due to cutting-edge technology being used and more or less niche usage. Nowadays these factors no longer affect price so much and accessories to draw became much cheaper while being improved in quality.

Even big devices capable of displaying whatever you work on right under the pen cost less than ever before!
Sometimes it feels like you don’t need it, say if you already own one purchased before – not like that old of course:

But still sometimes it feels like it could be improved – too grainy screen, too dark image or no image at all and one has to continuously watch at the screen of PC while painting, in fact, without even looking at your hand …

Or maybe you never thought about getting it. After all, there’re many professions out there which don’t require any, like those who work physically to earn money.

Of course, in that case any drawing device won’t be needed since you won’t be drawing.

But life is changing sometimes. Given the pandemic now and globally changed situation, professions change already, workload changes too, companies change their strategies…

…And often it even means many are working remotely – not from office, it becomes empty.

First everyone thought that with the end of 2020 it’s over and we did it. After 2021 many are scared to start 2022…

Who knows how it’s going to be further on. That’s where planning comes at hand, which means planning your future and your profession – if for any reason you need to change any of that.

It might happen that you will need to turn to another work. And another skill set. And no one knows, maybe drawing or editing photos is what you always wanted but couldn’t deliver due to lack of device and skills needed. Luckily, there are many technology lessons available – both online and offline!

So you want to decide first whether the work you’re doing is going to change or not; if it does, think about what new device might be needed and for what exactly. Maybe that’s when an idea comes to your mind which can change it all.

Just think about it – how that hardware could improve you learning and work skills, potentially increasing the income received. Plus, that flash new smooth hardware touching experience! Refreshing feel of new challenges and discoveries!

There are many opportunities for improving the hardware out there, for design, drawing and creativity in particular. Some are costly, others can be cheap or at a medium price.

So, which brand to choose?

It’s simple. Technology is developing. With newest generations of devices they become better designed and better programmed. Which in most cases means one can use them in broader range of applications than an older device. So once you have current version of required software and operation system, the rest is simple. Choose a device for your needs and get it!

And here is very good shop which you can use to filter, compare and order

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